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Hi everyone and welcome to my Outdoor Camping website. I grew up in South West England and was very lucky enough to have had some lovely camping experiences. We were a large family, my sister and me and two step-brothers.

In the 60s we camped in Cornwall which I still remember well as it rained but the beaches and castles were still there. We also camped in a large tent in South Wales near Brecon and went fishing and had a trifle with too much whiskey in it. The memories are wonderful.

Camping in Somerset, I remember waking up with a cow looking at us with her head in the door.

I came to Australia in 1972 and have traveled all around with some truly unforgettable moments. We camped at Alice Springs and survived a dust storm that only the Norhtern Territory can give. Cooktown to Melbourne and Hobart and so many other places, I have enjoyed it so much, I would love to help you enjoy this glorious pastime.

A Little Story About My Camping

When I was just thirteen and before starting in a new school, I went for a camping trip with a friend in South Cornwall, England which is a truly magical place. We went for a week and it was such a great time, I still remember it well, just a two man tent where we cooked our food and enjoyed the coast. The parents lived only a few miles away. These were lifetime memories created.

In Australia, my wife and I have covered many thousands of kilometres in our camping trips. She will not let me forget the time I put the tent up facing the wind! We made a few mistakes and always had fun learning how to do it better. We love the camping and outdoor stores and continue to look for supplies and new products.


In the 60s tents were basic with a limited range and took a little more work to erect than they do now. Also, the materials used were different back then and have improved a great deal.

The waterproofing has vastly improved and the tents are stronger with the designs making camping easier and more enjoyable. Consequently, setting up and preparing the camp site is easier, giving you more time to enjoy yourself.


When on holidays, you only have a limited time so it is not the best idea to have tents that are going to take a long time to put up or do not service your needs, being to cramped or heavy or just do not function properly.

The camping world has come a long way and so can give you some wonderful times and experiences with the correct tent that gives you no problems.

We would like to make this possible for you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Founder of Sunset Camping

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